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ABC Petmeds / Uncategorized  / How Owning a Fish Aquarium Can Boost Your Family’s Health

How Owning a Fish Aquarium Can Boost Your Family’s Health

Through research and many studies it has been proven that watching fish kept in an aquarium is beneficial to our health. After watching these fish glide serenely through the water they have a significant impact on our stress and blood pressure levels.

Researchers have performed studies where they compare the effects of fishless vs. fish filled aquariums. They have observed that the people who viewed the fish filled aquariums had a greater reduction in their stress and blood pressure levels. Interestingly, it was proven that the beautifully colored pebbles and the gently waving plants in an aquarium have some effect but not enough to overpower the captivating fish. It’s interesting to see how this form of therapy works for all age groups and the reasons behind its progress.

How Children Respond to Watching Fish Swim

For children in particular, watching these fish circle around in an aquarium is not only enjoyable but a very soothing experience. Viewing these fish causes their adrenaline filled minds to relax for a moment and experience how calming nature can be. Research has also proven this calming effect to be evident for children who suffer from hyperactivity disorders.

Also, putting a fish tank in your child’s bedroom may help them sleep better. The light from the aquarium is helpful for keeping away the fear of darkness and creates a sense of companionship that someone is by their side as they fall asleep.

How Adults React to Having A Fish Aquarium

In adults when their pulse rate drops, skin temperature increases and muscle temperature decreases they are showing signs of being in a very relaxed state. This charismatic effect can be extremely beneficial when they are coping with pain. This may be the reason why many dentists and doctors choose to have a fish aquariums in their waiting rooms. This allows for the patients to view these fish for a prolonged period of time and have a moment to vent their anxiety before seeing the doctor. Aside from the pain relieving aspect, these fish are extremely beneficial in providing a moment of relaxation where adults are able to set all their problems aside and enjoy the beauty of a fish aquarium.

How Seniors Improve Their Mental Health When They Keep A Fish As A Pet

Fish aquariums have also proven their effect on seniors with Alzheimer’s. In previous studies it has been seen that keeping a fish aquarium in their room boosts their food intake by 17%. This has to be the hypnotic effect provided by the fish swimming lazily back and forth in a beautifully decorated aquarium. These patients did not have to take as many nutritional supplements and were able to demonstrate less physical aggression. When all of these benefits are looked at collectively one of the most important things to acknowledge is that this form of therapy is 100% natural and has numerous positive effects. This is music to the ears of many people because they are able to afford pet fish and at the same time can contribute to improving the health of their family.