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10 Plants Safe for You and Your Pets

Indoor plants are a great final touch to your décor and add life to any room you choose to place them in. They have proven to lighten your mood and add a certain character that cannot be replicated with artificial greenery. The dilemma with decorating your room with these additions is if they are safe for your furry companions.

Sometimes certain plants contain toxins that are not beneficial to your pet. If the pet tends to chew on one of these plants, which is a common instinct for them it can sometimes cause intestinal problems and in worst case scenarios death.

Usually there is a way to keep these plants out of reach and they are not a problem. But, when that is not possible there are some options that are absolutely safe:

1. African violet: Usually has purple, pale blue or white flowers and this flowering plant can be a great addition both indoors and outdoors.

2. Lady slipper: Is a type of orchid that has tanning oils. These oils have been known to have no effect on pets that are in contact with it.

3. Catnip: As per the name you may want to keep this plant out of reach from your cat because if it “nips” on it too much it can cause an aggressive effect. Although this is a mosquito repellent and has no harmful effects, a large amount may not be beneficial to your cat.

4. Bamboo : Its great essence and beautiful natural outlook adds a beautiful touch to your room while providing a safe environment for your pets.

5. Golden Palm : Makes a great plant to put in the corner of a hallway or living room. It adds a light touch and keeps the room green.

6. Christmas cactus : This is a plant that your pet will not be inclined to go near and it can serve its purpose without any harm.

7. Spider Plant : Is a great plant that promises to reduce your indoor air pollution and is a great addition to your shelf!

8. Money Tree : Always a good plant to keep when you need a little luck. It is said that the five growing branches of this tree are to bring good fortune while being a safe addition for your pet.

9. Cast Iron Plant: This plant does need a little care from you but not too much; so this is always a great addition for those who wish to keep indoor plants but do not really have the green thumbs!

10. Ponytail Plant: Needs to be kept in bright light and be watered every one to two weeks; otherwise this is another plant that does not need much care.

It has been a proven fact that greenery or viewing natural things indoors has an amazing impact on human’s brains. This fact begs the question why pets don’t feel the same way, and the answer is that they actually tend to do so. By placing the above mentioned plants indoors they receive the positive impacts brought by these plants and are absolutely safe for their health.