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Testimonial Customer Cat

Mommy and daddy lets me play out side all day long. I get to play with my cat neighbors and other animals in the area. This one time, my friend told me about how she was really itchy lately so I helped her out and scracthed her back for a little bit. Not long after that I was itching everywhere myself! When I got home, my parents noticed and gave me something to relieve the itch. I had to stay inside for awhile, but at least I'm not scratching anymore.

- Tiger


Testimonial Customer Dog

Boy do I love to go outside! Outside is my favorite place. When I get to go outside, I get to roll around on the grass and play with my friends at the park. One day after I came back from the park, my ears got really itchy scratchy. My dad noticed and looked inside my ears. I can tell on dad's face he was worried. He put something inside my ear every night for the next few nights and the itching in my ear went away. I love my dad.

- Rex


Testimonial Customer Pet

I love my mom very very very much and sometimes she goes outside without me. I start going crazy jumping around and getting all crazy excited. One time, okay there was more than one time, I broke mommy's stuff and she was not happy with me. Mommy started giving me this new treat and since then I noticed I haven't been crazy in awhile. I think it's the food, but I'm glad I don't feel crazy anymore.

- Lucky


Testimonial Pet Condition

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- John Smith
 Dog Owner



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