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Things To Consider Before Bringing Home A Pet

Falling in love with a floppy-eared puppy or fluffy bunny is pretty easy for most of us. One look into those big brown eyes and we’re hooked. And while there is no denying that growing up with a pet is good for children, there are some factors to consider before signing the papers and bringing little Rover home.

Reasons for wanting a pet

Before you head off to the local humane society, you need to sit down as a family and discuss the reasons why you want a pet. Pets provide companionship and unconditional love, but they also require a great deal of attention. Discuss your reasons for wanting a pet as a family, before you make the decision to bring one home.


One of the biggest factors to consider is your family’s lifestyle. Pets, especially baby pets, require a time commitment, and cannot be ignored simply because you are too busy or too tired to give them the love and attention that they deserve. It is unfair to bring home a puppy that you don’t have time to love and care for.


Pets have the same basic needs as human beings—food, water and shelter. Before you bring home a pet, you need to do some research and figure out what it will cost to own one, and then look realistically at your own budget. Factoring in the cost of food, supplies, health care such as vaccinations and preventative visits, licensing and grooming can significantly increase your household budget. And older pets require more care than younger ones, so if you are looking to adopt an older dog or cat, factor in more visits to the vet, special food, etc.

Your living situation

Take into consideration what type of living situation you are currently in, and where you see yourself in a few years. If you are renting, does your landlord allow pets? Do you have a yard or other outdoor space where you can take your pet for exercise? If you see yourself moving in the next few years are you willing to make the necessary preparations to move your pet along with you, and possibly have to restrict your choice of housing to situations that allow a pet? These are just some of the factors to consider when thinking about how a pet can affect your living arrangements.

Are you looking at the right kind of pet?

If you are worried about your furniture or rugs, then a pet that could potentially have an accident and ruin those things is probably not a good idea. If you like things quiet, you might want to consider a kitten instead of a puppy. Try to see things realistically before you bring home your new pet, to ensure that you will both be happy with the arrangement.

In conclusion

While owning a pet can be a joyful and rewarding experience for both of you, it is important to consider all of the factors involved before you bring one home, and make a wise and informed decision.