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ABC Petmeds / Vetisse Vitabsorb
Buy Vetisse Vitabsorb
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Vitabsorb – Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Cats and Dogs

Vitabsorb is a natural blend rejuvenates the body with a wide variety of trace elements, minerals, and vitamins for pets—vitamins like A, and C, and minerals such as calcium and potassium. Vitabsorb also includes White Oak bark, which provides assistance in healing the gastrointestinal system; it also well as raises absorption rates of nutrients which improves metabolism. Vitabsorb will break down nutrients, assure proper digestion, help with reproduction, bone and muscle growth, as well as help to maintain a healthy fur coat for your pet. Use Vitabsorb to promote a healthy all-around lifestyle and long life for your pet.

Vitabsorb is administered orally, either directly into your pet’s mouth, or accompanied with food. Administer Vitabsorb to your pet only once (1) a day and refer to the weight of your pet in order to determine the dosage.

  • Between 0 to 25lbs – the dose is 1ml.
  • Betwe

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Vetisse Vitabsorb

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no strength

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Liquid Spray