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ABC Petmeds / Vetisse StressEase
Buy Vetisse StressEase
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Stress Ease – Alleviate Stress in Cats and Dogs

So, your pet suffers from stress—don’t stress! Stress Ease was specifically created to relax that tense pet of yours, and hopefully relax you a bit too.

Sighs you have a stressed out cat include: restlessness, howling, and urinating on furniture. Physical indications a cat is stressed are dilated pupils and excessive shedding. If your dog is stressed you may notice he or she is panting more often than usual as well as coughing or shaking. Dogs also yawn constantly when stressed. Additional physical symptoms of either pet being stress include sneezing, scratching, chewing, trembling, and diarrhea.

Stress Ease is filled with medically active ingredients that work in harmony. Valerian root is used to treat nerve disorders such as sleep disorders, anxiety, nervousness, and exhaustion. Horsetail increases circulation and invigorates the body. Black Cohosh root is aimed directly at the nervous system and is used to c

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Vetisse StressEase

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Liquid Extract