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ABC Petmeds / Vetisse Juniper Jump Extract
Buy Vetisse Juniper Jump Extract
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Juniper Jump Extract Kidney Support for Dogs and Cats

Juniper Jump Extract aids pets with kidney and bladder problems. Urinary problems, which are very common in both cats and dogs, are very uncomfortable for them. This remedy raises the resistance of urinary mucosa to bacterial urinary tract infections and problems.

Administer one (1) tablespoon three (3) times a day.

Note: Do not use for more than one week. Talk to the veterinarian before starting Juniper Jump to make sure it is right for your pet. Pets should not exceed the recommended dosage. Due to the diuretic nature of the product, pet owners should ensure that their pet is taking in the adequate amount of fluids. Do not give to pets that are pregnant, breast feeding, have kidney disease, edema, gastrointestinal inflammation or infections, hypertension, pneumonia, or heart disease. Discontinue the product if you pets experiences: nausea or vomiting; gastrointestinal or abdom

Additional information

Drug Name:

Vetisse Juniper Jump Extract

Scientific Name:

Juniper Jump Extract

Other Names:

Juniper Jump Extract


no strength

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Liquid Extract