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ABC Petmeds / Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment
Buy Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment
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Arnica Assist Ointment – Treatment for Bruises in Cats and Dogs

The Arnica Assist Ointment is specially formulated, and has been used for years by both people and pets to expedite the healing of an injury. Arnica Montana is a strong immune system stimulant, as well as an agent for improving blood circulation. It has also been used to relieve bruises, rheumatoid pain, neuralgic pain, sprains, and hemorrhoids. Use the Arnica Assist Ointment and watch those cuts fade from yours or your pets’ skin in record time!

Apply Arnica Assist Ointment to the injured area up to three times a day depending on the severity of the injury. Do not Arnica Assist Ointment on open wounds or broken skin as internal exposure can cause adverse effects. Do not use Arnica Assist Ointment on your pet if they are pregnant or lactating.

Note: stop using Arnica Assist Ointment if your pet experiences an allergic reaction such as a skin rash to this remedy. Consult a health c

Additional information

Drug Name:

Vetisse Arnica Assist Ointment

Scientific Name:

Arnica Assist Ointment

Other Names:

Arnica Assist Ointment


no strength

Quantities Available: