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PROTOPIC OINTMENT (Tacrolimus) is a medication used in the treatment of keratoconjunctivitis sicca, (dry eye) and chronic superficial keratitis, (inflamed cornea) in dogs. PROTOPIC OINTMENT (Tacrolimus) reduces the activity of the immune system, which then reduces the inflammation response.

Your veterinarian will explain how to administer PROTOPIC OINTMENT (Tacrolimus) to your pet properly. If you are confused by your veterinarian’s directions, contact your veterinarian for more information before attempting to administer PROTOPIC OINTMENT (Tacrolimus).

PROTOPIC OINTMENT (Tacrolimus) is applied to the eye. Make sure you give your dog the appropriate dosage, never more or less. Clean the eye with a sterile eyewash solution before administering PROTOPIC OINTMENT (Tacrolimus). It is recomm

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Protopic Ointment

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Tacroz Forte



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20g, 40g, 60g