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ABC Petmeds / Hypotears
Buy Hypotears


Formulation : Ointment
Dosage : 1/1%
Quantity : 3.5g
Prescription Not Required
This medication is discontinued and cannot be supplied by ABCpetmeds .com


Hypotears is used to moisturize the eyes. It is an ocular lubricant used to treat inflammation or soreness of the eyes.

Store Hypotears in a cool, dry place, in a well sealed container.

Avoid using other medications in your eyes while using Hypotears. If your eyes do not show any significant changes in 3 days, stop using this medication.

Be careful to keep the dropper from touching your eye as if this happens, an infection may occur and this may lead to loss of vision.

Patient Family Information  : Take Hypotears as prescribed to you by your health care provider, or as specified on the label. Always wash your hands before you use Hypotears. As you squeeze the droplet into your eye, shut your eye gently. Keep your finger pressed against the inside corner of your eye and hold it there for one minute. Wait at least 5 minutes between dropping into the same eye. Only use as many drops as you have been instructed to by your doctor. If you are using the gel or ointment follow the directions provided on the label.

If you have any bacterial, viral, or fungal infection in the eye, do not use Hypotears unless you have an anti-infective medication you use with also. Do not use Hypotears while wearing contact lenses.

Sever Side Effects : Severe: Allergic reaction, severe eye pain, vision changes.

Common: None.

Other: None.

Hypotears | Polyvinyl alcohol/polyethylene glycol Рnon Rx | Hypotears | Hypotears

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Brand Name:


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Polyvinyl alcohol/polyethylene glycol – non Rx

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