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CUPRIMINE (Penilcillamine) is a medication that is used in the treatment of conditions that have resulted from the accumulation of toxic metals in the body, especially those caused by lead and copper. Although CUPRIMINE (Penilcillamine) is generally used for treatment in humans, your veterinarian may recommend CUPRIMINE (Penilcillamine) for your pet as an effective treatment for their condition.

CUPRIMINE (Penilcillamine) is a chelating agent, which means that it attaches to chemicals in the body to make their removal easier.

Your veterinarian will show you how to administer CUPRIMINE (Penilcillamine) to your pet. Ensure that you understand the procedure before you attempt to administer CUPRIMINE (Penilcillamine) to your pet.

Side Effects of CUPRIMINE (Penilcillamine) may include: nausea,

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Penicillamine, Cilamin, D-Penamine


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112, 56, 100


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