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ABC Petmeds / Azopt Eyedrops

Safely Buy Azopt Eyedrops ( Brinzolamide ) from Canada Prescriptions Plus.


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AZOPT eye drops can be used to glaucoma in dogs. Glaucoma is a condition that occurs when the eye produces more fluid than is drained by it, leading to increasing pressure in the eye. The eye may become very painful, reddened, or discharge green or yellow fluid. Eventually, glaucoma can cause enlargement and bulging of the eye, and lead to blindness.

AZOPT works by inhibiting the production of fluid in the eye so that the pressure build-up in the eye is reduced. This protects the optic nerve from damage, and therefore your pet’s eyesight.

Your vet will be able to advise you on the best way to use AZOPT for your pet. It is important that you understand your vet’s instructions before administering AZOPT to your dog. is a great place to buy Azopt eye drops for your pet needing glaucoma treatment. We are certified by CIPA, (the Canadian International Pharmacy Association) and the medications that we sell are supplied by a licensed pharmacy. That’s why you can rest assured with your purchase of AZOPT eye drops from, one of the top online pet pharmacies selling cheap pet meds. In order to maintain our high industry standing, we require a vet’s prescription for your purchase of AZOPT from us. It is best to avoid pet pharmacies that do not ask for a prescription, as they are not likely associated with a legitimate pharmacy.

In addition to selling safe pet healthproducts such as AZOPT eye drops, is pleased to offer a toll-free telephone hotline to answer any questions you have. Our friendly staff is available 7 days a week, at 1-877-311-CURE (2873), to speak with you. also features a simple-to-use shopping cart process to make your experience of buying AZOPT eye drops or other discount pet meds easy. You will be glad you chose for your all your pet’s health needs!

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Azopt Eyedrops | Brinzolamide | Azopt Eyedrops | Azopt Eyedrops

Additional information

Brand Name:

Azopt Eyedrops

Scientific Name:


Other Names:

Azopt Eyedrops



Quantities Available:

10mL, 15mL


Eye Drops, Eye drops

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