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ABC Petmeds / Atopiclair Cream
Buy Atopiclair Cream
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Atopiclair is used as a moisturizer for dry, peeling, rough skin, and for skin irritations like diaper rash and skin burns from radiation therapy.

Store Atopiclair in a cool, dry place, in a well sealed container away from children and pets.

Check the label of this medication to see if you can apply the mediation to a freshly shaved area of skin, or on the face, etc.

If your condition does not get any better with this medication you should return to your doctor as it may be a mere symptom of a bigger, more serious medical problem.

Use this medication as you have been directed by your health care provider. You may need to shake the container before each use. See the label for directions. Apply to the affected areas of skin as needed. If you are using this medication to treat diaper rash, clean the area before use and allow it to dry before applying Atopiclair. If you are using this medication to treat radiation skin burns you should check with the employees to see if the brand or type of medication can be applied prior to the radiation the radiation therapy. Use Atopiclair regularly for maximum benefit. For optimum results you can use Atopiclair after showering or bathing so that you will have more moisture in the skin when you are applying the medication. If you have very dry skin your doctor may instruct you to soak your skin before using the product.

If you have any allergies to Atopiclair or any of the ingredients listed on the label you should not use this medication. Do not apply Atopiclair to sensitive areas (around your eyes, inside your mouth or nose, or around the vaginal/groin areas unless you have been otherwise instructed by your health care provider.

Severe: Severe itching, burning skin, worsened condition.

Common: Ask your doctor about the side effects of Atopiclair.

Common: Ask your doctor about the side effects of Atopiclair.

Additional information

Drug Name:

Atopiclair Cream

Scientific Name:

Hyaluronic Acid/Glycyrrhetinic Acid/Shea Butter

Other Names:

Atopiclair Cream



Quantities Available: