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ABC Petmeds / Ear Mites

Ear Mites

Products that can help with ear mites:

What are Ear Mites?

Ear Mites are parasitic mites that generally dwell in the ear canals of animals, although they can be found on any part of the body. Veterinarians estimate that Ear Mites are easily the most common cause of ear infection within cats and dogs. Ear Mites tend to infest the warm and moist areas of the ear with restricted air flow. Ear Mites feed on the skin of the ear and ear wax, causing both inflammation and irritation, and ultimately causing infection.

How are Ear Mites diagnosed?

Ear Mites are terribly uncomfortable for all types of pets. The most common symptoms that are often displayed by pets that have Ear Mites are excessive head shaking and ear scratching. You may also notice either dried blood or fresh blood that has originated from the ear canal as a result of your pet’s ear mites. If your pet has exhibited any of these signs or symptoms, and you suspect that your pet has Ear Mites, contact your veterinarian for an appointment, where he or she can make an appropriate diagnosis.

What are the causes of Ear Mites?

Ear Mites travel from animal to animal, and are highly contagious. Most common in outdoor cats, Ear Mites can easily infest every animal in your household through casual contact. Ear Mites rarely affect humans. If your pet has Ear Mites, it’s likely that they got them from another animal, in an outdoor environment.

How can Ear Mites be treated?

There are several methods of treatment for ear mites. There are medications available for preventative treatment of Ear Mites, as well as for the treatment of ear infections caused by Ear Mites and medication for the removal of Ear Mites altogether. Your veterinarian will recommend the best medication for both you and your pet based your pet’s size, species and the severity of their infestation.