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ABC Petmeds / Vetisse Tion Tonic
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Tion Tonic for Cats and Dogs with Cancer

Your little friend has cancer, and that’s no good. Fortunately, there is the Tion Tonic for cats and dogs with cancer. This specially formulated mixture of supplements helps to stop pain, relieve stress, and aid in the body’s natural cancer-fighting function.

One of the active ingredients in the Tion Tonic is Burdock root, which has been used since ancient times to remove toxins from the blood. In modern times, research has indicated that Burdock Root may have cancer fighting properties; in fact, in Russia and India is regularly used in many cancer treatments. A chemical component of Burdock root, Arctigenin has been shown to slow cancer growth; moreover, additional evidence has indicated that Burdock root may be able to fight certain cancerous tumors. Burdock is often combined (as it is here) with other herbs to relieve arthritic pain, rheumatism, acne, glout, ulcers, and eczema.

The Turkey Rhubarb root present in

Additional information

Drug Name:

Vetisse Tion Tonic

Scientific Name:

Tion Tonic

Other Names:

Tion Tonic


no strength

Quantities Available:



Liquid Extract