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ABC Petmeds / Vetisse Pro X Paw Repair
Buy Vetisse Pro X Paw Repair
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ProX Paw Repair – Paw Injury Treatment for Cats and Dogs

The paws of a pet are just as important as hands and feet to a human, if not even more so—we wear shoes and gloves, and our pets do not. The paws of an animal are important because they cushion the feet and paws to protect them from harm; paws also increase friction. If you pet has an unhealthy paw(s) it affects their whole range of movement, be it walking, running, or just standing there smiling up at you. Whatever the injury, if it is on the paw, it is a major inconvenience.

ProX Paw repair is a cream for the paws of dogs and cats. It’s designed to treat the paws, claws, and pads of cats and dogs. Not only does it treat small cuts, wounds, and scrapes, skin irritations and hot spots, it helps to fight infection as well. When applied it alleviates itching and soothes skin.

Neem extract and Propolis are both highly effective skin care ingredients found in ProX Paw Repair cream. Both of these herbs spee

Additional information

Drug Name:

Vetisse Pro X Paw Repair

Scientific Name:

Pro X Paw Repair

Other Names:

Pro X Paw Repair


no strength

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